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Web Solutions for Small Business is a privately owned web design and development company located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

We provide customer focused websites for small to medium sized businesses that create measurable results for your business through our unique marketing assessment and design process.

Julia Berry – Director

My Background

When I left school personal computers were only a novelty … but I couldn’t get enough of them! 

Whilst studying education at university I managed to get a part-time job working for an Apple Re-seller writing basic training documentation and running workshops to help people learn how to use these powerful new tools … this was the early 90’s !

Five years on … my background in education and love of IT led to a role establishing and running the desktop training for a large national communications organisation with over 5,000 staff on site.  My team and I loved nothing more than to help people solve problems and better understand their computers so as to help them work effectively. 

I then moved on to do the same for a large Australian financial organisation.  My skill set was not in networks and hardware but in helping real people to actually use their computers to do stuff !

Since leaving the workforce to have kids I became “that friend” who could help people fix their i-phone, access their photos on their computer, write a document in Word, prepare a presentation or do something clever in Excel. 

During that time my husband and I ran a large retail business (nothing to do with computers !) but as a result I got an understanding of the needs and challenges of small businesses trying to make it in a world being consumed by global corporatisation.

Renovating & Building Websites for Small Business 

Combining my understanding of the needs and challenges that small businesses face with my enthusiasm for making computers work for real people I entered the world of website renovation and design.  I started by buying old website businesses and seeing if I could improve them.  I renovated these old sites and made them look better whilst also improving their performance.  This led to an increase in advertising sales for these sites.  From there I decided that I could help other small businesses to either develop and grow a web presence or to improve and modernise their existing sites so as to gain some return for their investment.

That brings us to today.  My passion is helping small businesses to get online with a site that meets their goals and their budget. 

Some businesses might just want to look professional and showcase their credibility or work.  While others might want to replace more costly marketing initiatives with a fully functioning web presence that drives traffic to their website and, consequently, new customers to their doors. 

Many businesses have already invested previously in developing a website.  Unfortunately sometimes these sites have not lived up to expectations.  These sites may have become nothing more than pretty calling cards that are only found if you know the name of the business.   These businesses often need a website makeover to bring their site up to date, increase their website traffic and get them actually ranking in search engines.

I also have access to a team of technical specialist, including graphic designers, content writers and marketers.

Whatever your small business needs I believe that we can help you achieve this with a great website that actually works.


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