Does My Business Need a Website?

Why Does My Business Need a Website?

Let’s think back to the days before most businesses had websites.

If you wanted to communicate a message to the world about your business you could do so in the following ways:

  • Wait until someone walked past your office / shop / or sign and knocked on your door
  • Hand out a business card – to people you came in contact with
  • Distribute a brochure or flyer – possibly to a targeted area such as a mailbox drop
  • Put an expensive ad in the paper – to be seen by all readers on one particular day
  • Put an expensive ad on a billboard or prime location – to be seen by all passers by for a period of time
  • Paid for a radio or tv campaign – seen by all viewers for a period of time

The problem with all these methods of communication is that, predominantly they targeting a very broad market.  Also, most of them are temporary .. ironically, the more expensive they are the more temporary they are!

With the opportunity that the internet provides us we can now add to our visibility with a Business Website.  Interestingly in this day and age, many small businesses have still not done this.  Why?  Probably because entry costs can be daunting and technology overwhelming.