Maintaining a Website

Maintenance & Management for Small Business Sites

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Did you know that websites, (like valuable staff members) can actually need quite a lot of care, love and attention on an ongoing basis?

Just like a healthy body, a healthy website should work for you rather than against you. The catch here is that Google also prefers a healthy website and will always rank sites that meet it’s criteria more highly than those that don’t.

But keeping your website healthy may actually take more time, and attention to detail, than you have available whilst also running your core business.

You biggest priority in business is to focus on doing what you do best. A business website should allow you to look professional, manage customer enquiries, provide added value to your customers with valuable content and, most importantly, attract new customers on an ongoing basis. As such, your site is definitely an asset that works to support the work you do.

Regular Website Maintenance Requirements

Here’s a starting list of just some of the things you will need to do regularly to keep your website running at its optimal level:

  • maintain the latest version of WordPress (also crucial for security)
  • keep all of your plugins up to date (to ensure optimum functionality and reduce the risk of security breaches) – whilst also ensuring that all plugins and updates work cohesively together without crashing your site
  • ensure regular (daily/weekly) backups are made (and stored in an alternate location to your site host)
  • monitor & delete spam (which can clog up your website file size and reduce speed/performance)
  • clean up your database files (to optimise the speed of your site and thereby improve or maintain your Google rankings)
  • track your search engine results for your main keywords (to ensure your site continues to attract visitors) and make adjustments to your site accordingly
  • ensure no re-direct errors occur as a result of any changes you make to pages/posts


How We Can Help You to Maintain Your Website

We know that some of the tasks listed above may seem daunting to many small business owners.

For that reason we offer two simple solutions to this potential problem:

  1. We can teach you how to do all these task for yourself (basic maintenance training provided in your handover
    • basic maintenance training (updating WordPress & Plugins) provided on handover

more advanced maintenance training provided on an hourly rate

  1. We can manage your website maintenance for you:

monthly fee packages to suit your requirements (starting from as little as $45 per month)

Website Statistics Analysis

Although not crucial to maintaining your website you should also seriously consider tracking various site statistics using a tool such as Google Analytics. Doing this will provide you, at the very least, with the following information:

  • number of visitors to your site (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
  • how many of these visitors are new v’s repeat customers
  • what locations your visitors are coming from
  • how your visitors found your website (Google search, Facebook page etc)
  • what pages your visitors are looking at, or not

These are just some of the insights that can be gained from reviewing site statistics. Most importantly these numbers allow you to assess the performance of your site and whether or not it is working for you in a way that best supports your business.

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