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Times change, technology changes and businesses change. Sometimes what worked in the past simply doesn’t cut it any more.

Is this the case with your website? Even the best looking sites can do with an overhaul if they’re not reaching their full potential.

Many businesses have already invested previously in developing a website. Unfortunately sometimes these sites have not lived up to expectations. In fact, they may have become nothing more than pretty calling cards that are only found if your customer knows the name of your business.

These businesses often need a website makeover to bring their site up to date, increase their website traffic and get them actually ranking in search engines.

What Should a Website Do For My Business?

These are the key questions you need to ask yourself about your current website:

  • Does your website rank in Google for the keywords that your customer is typing in?
  • Does your website generate traffic (have any visitors!) ?
  • As a result of your website traffic does your website bring new customers to your business?
  • Does your website make your business look professional and appealing?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is no then it is likely that your business website could do with a renovation.


But I’ve Already Spent a lot of Money on my Old Website …

This is an unfortunate consequence of websites that were designed and built without your businesses’ goals as the guiding principle.

We understand that it may be a leap of faith to invest further money into your website. With this in mind we suggest the following strategies when attempting to improve your website:

  • We will assess your site for free to determine the degree to which your site can be easily upgraded.
  • We will then conduct a comprehensive business marketing assessment to determine the specific needs of your customers and the goals of your business.
  • As a result it may be possible to work with your old design first and implement some basic principles to see if we can improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) and start to get traffic to your website.
  • Once this is happening you may choose to improve the look and feel of your website by improving the overall visual design.

By using this staggered approach to website renovation we allow you the best opportunity to make the process affordable and ensure that the money you spend is invested wisely.

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